Shih Tzu Mania’s Farewell to Facebook


August 28, 2018:  Shihtzumania left Facebook today, after a run of 49 months, if you include the last three days of  24 scheduled posts that Facebook refused to publish.

After the scheduled 10:00 a.m. post appeared on our timeline this morning, we received a notice that we would no longer be allowed to post on facebook, and the remaining posts scheduled for this month would not appear.  Given that our account appeared to be “frozen,” we deleted that account, our personal page, and our admin status on the FB page at our local senior center.  Farewell, Facebook!

We’re still not quite sure why this happened.  Shihtzumania started on FB on July 31, 2014, as a means of promoting rescues, fostering  and adoptions  of Shih Tzu dogs, and their endless combinations of mixed breeds: MalShis, PugTzus, ChiShis, etc. – pretty much any dog with Shih Tzu blood in it.

We scheduled posts,  every 3 hours, 24/7. The 10:00 a.m. post was usually a You Tube video, and the remaining 7 posts each day would be a photo of a dog, sent to us by its owner, usually a facebook follower.  We had 122,000 of those followers, from virtually every country on the globe and today, we have nearly 12,000 of their photos in our database.  

All this was a ‘one-man’ effort, carried out by an old fart, now in his 80’s, living in the Mark Twain Forest of the Southern Missouri Ozarks.

Scheduling each day’s posts required at least 68 steps, not including recording each photo when received, the video when searched on You Tube, and responding to comments, messages and inquiries from followers.  This made keeping up the page a time-consuming process, but one that we looked forward to every day.  We will miss the interaction with our followers sadly, but we’re grateful for having known all of them.

Everything started going downhill earlier this month when FB started throwing roadblocks and obstacles in our path, and threatening to shut us down on August 28 (today) if we didn’t complete a “Publication Authorization.”  We proceeded to comply with the process they required (6 times, so far), but the threats continued.   4 contacts with their “support” staff revealed they needed my celphone to have its “Locator” function activated (which it always has had) and ultimately agreed to just know my city & State.

I don’t live in a city, town, village or unincorporated area so I guess I’m not qualified to run a FB page any longer because a ‘zip-code’ is just not enough.

Baby “LOUIE”

In fairness to FB, I’m sure I didn’t endear myself to their support staff when I referred to them as “Mr. Zuckerberg’s Socialist Gestapo,” but I’ve yet to find something nice to say about them, even if they were to deserve it.  The most they’ve done for me is to send me out to look for another platform.

Thank you, one and all, for your continued support.  It’s been fun knowing you – Jim McCarthy, of Shih Tzu Mania

Manor,  Down in the Ozarks…

Smiling “LOUIE”


UPDATE: Sept. 21, 2018…

“Shih Tzu Mania Manor” is now online, using the “MeWe” platform.

Check it out here:

and send us your comments, along with more of those delightful photos of your favorite Shih Tzu.

And remember, “ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!”