Shih Tzu Stories: “COOKIE,” Gone, Not Forgotten


Shih Tzu Stories has featured Susie Bernardini’s “COOKIE” in earlier posts*, and in many posts on the Shihtzumania timeline but for Susie’s family, this time of year always brings Cookie to mind, more than at any other time.  Here’s a recent note from Susie:

“October is now here. As a mother of 3 lovely daughters, it’s the beginning of a busy time of Halloween Decorations and festivities. But my heart is heavy this time of year. My mind is filled with sweet memories of my Beloved COOKIE once upon a time.

10 years ago she was my li’l side kick, my partner in crime. We went everywhere together. She and I had a bond like no other before her, or since.

Cookie was the smartest, most loyal and sweetest little Shih Tzu I’ve ever had in my life. She is deeply missed.

7 years ago on Halloween night she was tragically killed.  We’re not sure whether it was a Raccoon or a Coyote but, since a coyote had been seen in the neighborhood, and since a coyote can jump a 6-foot fence with ease, whatever it was tore her to pieces while I was taking my girls out to trick-or-treat. So as the years pass since her death, my heart still continues to ache for her. Even to this the day Halloween has a heartbreaking meaning to me.

I can’t help but think if I had just stood my ground and demanded To keep her locked up in the house instead of giving in to my husband’s wish to have her locked outside in the back yard because he believed it would be safe. Then maybe she’d still be with me today.

So every year since her passing, on Halloween night I light a candle by her casket on my fireplace mantel to let my sweet baby girl Cookie know She is still deeply missed and has not been forgotten although I did rescue another (BELLE) 2 years ago.

I do love my li’l BELLE very much but must admit the connection I had with Cookie is just not there. All the “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” or tears can’t bring Cookie back to me. It’s around this holiday when I struggle the most not to fall apart.”