Shih Tzu Stories: LOUCKEY’S Angel


LOUCKEY’S Shih Tzu angel is Maggy Moons, in Belgium.  LOUCKEY was born on 5/10/2001. Maggy rescued him in April 2006 and he died on 7/10/2016.

June 23, 2018: LOUCKEY had a difficult life, but Maggy was the best thing that could ever happen to any Shih Tzu, and he enjoyed his life with her to the fullest.

Here’s his story, in Maggy’s own words:

“When LOUCKEY was 9 years old he had glaucoma, which gives pressure and pain behind the eye.  I took care of it for 18 months with medicine but it became much worse… it was already blind because of the disease… When they removed his eye, the hair grew over the scar. 

 5 days after the operation he was playing and a happy Shih Tzu again, but he had not been playing for 6 months before the operation, which I thought was because he was getting older but, boy! Was I wrong!  It was Because he was in pain.  I had no idea, and I felt very guilty about it.  

 His other eye became blind with a cataract and it was impossible to do something about it because the lens beneath

the upper lens was also ill. He had also another problem with that eye, some other illness I don’t know the name of, but it caused a little hole in the lens.  It was not possible to operate to close the hole because LOUCKEY would have died during the operation due to his other problems with his heart and kidneys.

 The eye would be penetrated spontaneously because of the disease …. It took 2 years. Every day I was careful during his playtime, and his walks. 2 days after his 15th birthday the eye opened and I went to the vet to put him down. It was miraculous that this little Shih Tzu even reached age 15, because he had so many different health problems. He had a stroke when he was 13, he had arthritis, a hernia, food allergies, heart problems and kidney problems. He had several inflammations many times but, like any other Shih Tzu , he was always very sweet, sociable and smart.

  He had a nanny while I was out working because he was extremely lonesome when I was out.  I took him to his nanny every day with my scooter, tucked him in a fleece wrap in a backpack I wore on my stomach.  When we went out together I took him in a baby stroller, when people laughed with that, but I didn’t care.  I took care of my baby!”





Ed. note:  Maggy, we know of a lot of ‘babies’ who would be better off with just a fraction of the care, attention and love that LOUCKEY enjoyed during your 10 years together.  We salute you, and we offer our condolences for your loss.

LOUCKEY at 4 1/2 years, 4 weeks after Maggy Rescued him