SHIH TZU STORIES: “Rock Group” for Rescues!

Sept. 8, 2019: When Lynne Varley’s Shih Tzu family showed up ‘Stone-faced’ on the Shih Tzu Mania timeline last week, we inquired about the unusual display, and found an unexpected and inspirational tale.

It seems “GYPSEA,” “STORMIE,” “DALLAS” and “COCOA’s” momma has a good friend, an artist named Joyce Christian, whose hobby is painting portraits of pets on 3″ stones. It’s her way to support animal shelters and rescue operations, to which her grateful ‘customers’ contribute.

Here are a few more examples of Joyce’s work; keep in mind that each represents generous support to the many fur babies who face each day with hope that this may be the day they find their new forever family…

We offered to promote Joyce’s work on this site since we share the same rescue/adoption objective, but it is a hobby for Joyce, not a business.

Maybe it will give the rest of us an idea of how we might share our unique skills/talents to support our own favorite projects. was started 5 years ago with similar goals to support rescues and adoptions, with focus on the Shih Tzu breed, but our favorite all-breed groups include, National Mill Dog Rescue (,

And, so we pause to put our paws together and pray that this might be the day…

Great job, Joyce, and thanks for sharing 🙂