Your Shih Tzu Photos Are Back!

(Click “Photos,” above, to see your photos streaming live)

Welcome back to Shihtzumania Manor!

Now that we’re no longer on Facebook, where we could only post your pet’s photos 4 – 8 times every day, we’re ready to live stream all those wonderful Shih Tzu pics you’ve been sending us over the past six years.

Ashley Haug’s “LACEY,” a.k.a. “TEENY”

You’ve sent us more than 10,000 of those great shots and, as soon as we work out a way to attach your name and your pet’s name to each one They’ll all be back online again.

Please keep watching for the new “Live-Streaming Shih Tzu show, ” on this very page.

Candie Atkins-Leland’s “GINGER”

We’ve also added a “Contact Us” page, and we hope you’ll leave your name and email address, along with any comments and even more of those great photos for our new live-stream Shih Tzu Gallery.

Thanks for checking in with us again 🙂

Stacey Vance’s “MAGGIE,” in Hagerstown, MD

There were nearly 122,000 Shih Tzu families following the Shihtzumania timeline so, if you can help spread the word that we’ve made the move, it would be much appreciated (we’ll be advertising the fact ourselves, as soon as all the new bells & whistles are in place).

Karen Howe-Gultz’ “Miss MOLLY”