Shih Tzu Stories: “COOKIE,” R.I.P.


Susie Bernardini recently shared these memories of her beloved “COOKIE” who was killed, long before her time, either by a resident raccoon or, perhaps a coyote;  no one is sure.

Here’s Susie’s account, with photos from COOKIE’s short stay.


“I thought I’d share a sweet memory of lil Cookie during her short life with me. She got to meet a famous celebrity at a shelter animal fundraiser a year before she passed away. It was Cesar Millan himself.

I’m a huge dog whisperer fan. While I was taking my lil Cookie to get her annual shots, I saw a flyer posted at our local animal shelter that he would be in person to promote his new book on how to be a pack leader. I saw an opportunity to to take my kids on fun outing with my fur baby.COOKIE_5_2016-06-28_1646

COOKIE_4_2016-06-28_1645      COOKIE_6_2016-06-28_1656

All the proceeds Caesar made that day was going to the local animal shelters. My kids and I stood in line what felt like COOKIE_7_2016-06-28_1659COOKIE_8_2016-06-28_1700forever to have him in our book and to take a photo with him…it was very fun and exciting day for all of us. Caesar held Cookie for a photo op. Afterwards as he handed her back to me. He commented on cute Cookie was in her summer dress and thanked us for attending the fundraiser.








I think a year after that On Halloween night Cookie was killed by a resident raccoon. Needless to say a piece of us died with her that night.  So every Halloween night I light a candle by her remains to let her know she is still remembered and still deeply missed Cookie 6-2008 to 10-2010


Her remains on my living room mantel

The dress she was wearing when she metCOOKIE_17_2016-06-28_1732